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Please read these guidelines to understand the content types.

Content Types:

  1. Recipes content type is used for cloud recipes and lab notes.

  2. Blog content type is used for any regular blog or notes.

  3. Books contain either recipes or blog pages.

  4. Videos contain video logs. You can reference a video content type from a recipe.


Tips for adding contents

  1. Select only heading 4 for headings in your contents.


User Points:

You will receive points for most of your activities here.

Current point allocation is as follows:

  • Recipe: 20 points
  • Blog: 15 points
  • Video: 30 points
  • All Comments (on above content types): 2 points.


Core Members:

Core members (or core contributors) are selected based on their interest and contributions, including available points balance during selection or re-selection time. Currently selections happen every 3 months starting January 2018.

Click here to see current core members.


Getting started with AWS Notes:

  1. Getting started with AWS focuses on the associate certification exams. For the exact topics that need to be focused for each exam, please refer to that certification's section in the forum or ask us.
  2. There is currently no separate labs for IAM basics, but will be part of other labs. All such IAM labs will be tagged as IAM Lab.


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Team Cloudericks is a community started by Heartin Kanikathottu to learn about and master cloud computing. Our current focus is on Amazon Web Servivces. aims to document what we learn. We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share, the more you learn.

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