S3 APIs and Endpoints Overview

Will list down imporant notes on S3 APIs here.


Common S3 API Calls (Exam Tips)

  • DownloadBucket

  • CompleteMultipartUpload

  • UploadPart


Common S3 response headers (Exam Tips)

  • x-amz-delete-marker

  • x-amz-id-2

  • x-amz-request-id 


Common S3 Request Headers (Exam Tips)

  • Content-Length

  • Content-Type

  • Content-MDF


“dual-stack” endpoint and IPv6

  1. The “dual-stack” endpoint supports access over both IPv4 and IPv6. In most cases, no further configuration is required for access over IPv6, because most network clients prefer IPv6 addresses by default.

  2. Your applications may continue to access data through the existing APIs and virtual hosted style (e.g. http://bucket.s3.dualstack.aws-region.amazonaws.com) or path style (e.g. http://s3.dualstack.aws-region.amazonaws.com/bucket) URLs without code changes.

  3. When using Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration, the “dual-stack” endpoint must be of the form http(s)://bucket.s3-accelerate.dualstack.amazonaws.com. You must also evaluate your bucket and Identity and IAM policies to ensure you have the appropriate access configured for your new IPv6 addresses. 

  4. You will see the same performance when using either IPv4 or IPv6 with S3. If you use the dual-stack endpoint in an IPv4-only VPC, the VPC instances will drop the AAAA record and always access Amazon S3 over IPv4.

  5. IPv6 addresses will now be shown in the Server Access logs if you have the Amazon S3 Server Access logs feature enabled.

  6. If you use policies to grant or restrict access via IP addresses, you will need to update those policies to include the associated IPv6 ranges before you switch to the “dual-stack” endpoint.

  7. Applications that are impacted by using IPv6 can switch back to the standard IPv4-only endpoints at any time.

  8. IPv6 support is not currently available when using Website Hosting and access via BitTorrent. All other features should work as expected.  

  9. You can use IPv6 with Amazon S3 in all commercial AWS Regions except China (Beijing). You can also use IPv6 in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.


Note: This page will be updated.



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