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Page maintained to track all activities that we do. Updated by Heartin and Sneha.

  1. Created a reposiroty in bitbucket:

  2. Added user Sneha with write access.

  3. Downloaded and instaled git, sourcetreeapp in local. Sourcetree also generated ssh keys.

  4. Added ssh public key to bitbucket.

    1. If you add keys to repo, you will only get read only access. Instead need to add to your user settings.

  5. Cloned the repo through ssh.

  6. Created a sring boot maven project from and added it to repo clone. Copied the .gitignore created automatically by Intellij for another spring boot maven project into the repo.

  7. Pushed the changes.


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Team Cloudericks is a community started by Heartin Kanikathottu to learn about and master cloud computing. Our current focus is on Amazon Web Servivces. aims to document what we learn. We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share, the more you learn.

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