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Git - Creating Repository and Adding Files (Local)

Creating Git Repo Locally

Go to an empty directory and run:

git init


Adding files to Git Repo

Create a file README.txt with some test contents

If you do 'git status' the README.txt file will be shown as un-tracked file.


git add README.txt



To add all files in a directory:

git add .


To add only modified files:

git add -u

Configuring Git (Local Machine)

System Level Configuration

git config --system

Stored in etc/gitconfig in Mac / Linux. Similar structure in Windows, usually within usually within Program Files.


User Level Configuration

git config --global

Stored in ~/.gitconfig in Mac / Linux. Similar structure in Windows, within user home folder.


Repository Level Configuration

git config

Stored in .git/config in each repo.


History of Version Control Systems

Single File Systems 

Users could make their own revisions of a document, commit changes, and merge them together. However, these systems (e.g. TCS) operates only on single files. It has no way of working with an entire project, so it does not support atomic commits affecting multiple files. 

Examples include SCCS, RCS etc.


Multifile Centealized Systems

These systems follow a client server model.

Which Is Your Favourite Open Source License?

We have decided to create and participate in more open source projects. Please comment your favorite open source license that you feel will be good for our projects (in general). You may also question others on their suggestions.

Best suggestions will be added to the page and you will also be receiving a BuddyTutor merchandise gift at your preferred address. 


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