[Recipes] Amazon S3 Tired Storage & Lifecycle Management Lab


Experiment and learn Amazon S3 Tired Storage & Lifecycle Management.

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We will configure S3 lifecycle management and will be using different tiers of Se such as S3-IA, and Glacier. 


This lab assumes that you have already setup AWS account, have explored S3 and created a bucket before.

  1. Log into AWS console and go to S3 dashboard.

  2. Cleanup old buckets (optional)

  3. Create a new bucket (or reuse one) with a region in which Glacier is available.

  4. Enable versioning on the bucket. Note: Lifecycle management can work with or without enabling versioning.

  5. Click on the bucket and go to Management tab.

  6. Now go to Lifecycle sub tab (usually selected by default).

  7. Click on Add Lifecycle Rule.

  8. Give a name (e.g. demolifecyclerule) and leave filter text box empty to select whole bucket. You could select a specific folder or object.

  9. Add transitions for current version and previous versions of objects with minimum required days:

    1. Transition to Standard-IA after 30 days

    2. Transition to Glacier after 60 days

      1. Note: If you do not have transition to Standard-IA, there is no restriction on minimum days for glacier.

  10. Click next and Configure expiration for current and previous versions with minimum required values:

    1. Expire current version of object: 61 days

    2. Permanently delete previous versions: 61 days

    3. Clean up incomplete multipart uploads: 1 days

    4. Note: You cannot enable clean up expired object delete markers if you enable Expiration.

  11. Click next, verify the details and save.

    1. Try editing,  to delete Transition to Standard-IA and set a lower value for Transition to Glacier after, than 60 days.

  12. Finally, delete lifecycle rule.

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Amazon S3 Tired Storage & Lifecycle Management Lab


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