[Recipes] Amazon S3 Cross-Region Replication Lab


Need to experiment and learn S3 cross-region replication.

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We will create two buckets and demonstrate cross-region replication.


Have done basic operations with S3.

  1. Create two buckets with default settings, but belonging to different regions. I will use btbucket1 and btbucket2

  2. Click on bucket 1, go to properties.

  3. Under Advanced Settings, go to Cross-region replication.

    1. It shows a message that: To use cross-region replication, you must enable versioning on this bucket and on the target bucket.

  4. Click on versioning (under properties tab itself) and enable versioning.

  5. Go to cross-region replication (under properties tab itself) and click enable:

    1. Provide destination region and bucket.

    2. Under Source, select whole bucket, alternate option is ‘Prefix within this bucket’.

    3. Select Destination storage class as Standard-IA.

    4. Select ‘Create new role’ option under Select Role.

  6. If you click save now, you will get the error message: Destination bucket must have versioning enabled.

  7. Go back to bucket2, enable versioning and follow steps 4 and 5 with one exception: the role should have been already created.

  8. Once you click save, you should see no errors.

  9. Upload a file into bucket1.

  10. You should see the file in bucket 2 (it may take some time).


Important Notes (Exam Tips)

  1. If you are doing cross-region replication on an existing bucket, the objects that are already there will not be replicated. However, once you replicate a file version, all its previous versions and permissions will also be replicated.

  2. Deleting a file in bucket will delete in the replication bucket. Delete markers are replicated. However, Undo Delete is not replicated.

  3. Regions must be unique: cannot use cross-region replication to replicate within same region.

  4. Cannot replicate to more than one destination.

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Amazon S3 Cross-Region Replication Lab


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